Mini Bike Springer Front End by Jetboost

Fits Azusa-type Mini Bike Frames With 5/8" dia x 5" L Yoke Mount
Fully Functional - Smooth Operation Made of U.S. Steel and Weighs Less Than 10 lbs!
Finish It the Way YOU Want It Ready for Paint, Chrome Powder Coat or Nickel-Chrome

A Mini Bike Springer Front End Will Set You Apart

Springer Front End

A Mini Bike Springer Front End will make your bike stand out above all the rest! Harley Davidson and other motorcycle manufacturers, aftermarket vendors and chopper builders have had an amazing ride with springer front ends for their motorcycles since the service boys came home from World War II and began stripping the extras off of motorcycles to re-invent the comradery of riding. This mini bike springer re-lives those days and with it on your mini bike, you'll draw the gawks and drools of all of those that you ride with, along with those that will WISH they had what YOU have. It's a wonderful addition and will mount to Azusa frames as well as all the others that mount with a 5/8" dia x 5" long yoke mount. You can 'space' it in, too. Use your 5/8" axle, 7/8" handlebars.
mounted view mini bike springer front end

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